Jackson being his usual jealous self on wgm

EP193: Kim Dongjun + Monday Couple | requested by quixotic-desires

I wanted to reveal the truth to fans.  I’ve always been called ‘Amber the boy’ and though I act and look like one, I am definitely not a boy.”  - Amber

Seungho and Joon accidently opening the door whilst the MCs were still interviewing other groups and talking


-takes homework out-

-rewards self with two hours of internet-


Everyone being slayed by Ailee


HE is always the one who cares about SONG JI HYO


Dongjun: My partner likes to sleep a lot in a day…

Mochi 34/ : Henry surprised by his own fart

CL’s advice to WINNER

soohyun couldn’t concentrate on her scene anymore as she’s to embarrassed to get closer and look at oppa’s eyes